The hills are calling, can you hear them sing? You definitely will, once you set your foot to the gorgeous valley of Nainital – The highest of mountains in the region, Naina on the North; Deopatha on the West; and Ayarpatha on the south; surrounds the land where the mystical emerald eye lake, or Nainital dwells.

Clear water underneath the blue sky sounds like the perfect stress buster remedy, doesn’t it?

Well, this popular hill station situated at the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayan region offers one of the best deserving vacation goals. Go swooshing in the Naini Lake or the Sattal which comprises of seven freshwater lakes located in the Lower Himalayan range, and is close to the Bhimtal town of Nainital district.

What can you do?

Explore the peaks of Nainital on a horse-ride; embrace the hills as you paraglide your way down; live the nights by the warmth of a bonfire; take a boat-ride in the freshwater lakes; and more such amazing activities.

Where to Stay?

Mayadeep Homestay

VILLAGE NAGARI, Bhimtal -Bhawoli Road Bhowali,Nainital 1 Km from Bhowali

When in the lap of nature, stay closer to its resources. With that in mind, how does lovely huts for accommodation sound? Stay in well-furnished cozy rooms, with a spectacular view of hills surrounding you. Oh, and you’re going to have a jolly good time feasting on freshly cooked meals during your stay.

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